A native of Denver, Colorado, KARLA HOGAN began singing at the age of 2 -- when her mother says she enjoyed singing the national anthem around the house! Growing up in a Christian home, KARLA realized at an early age what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was while she was about to undergo extensive eye surgery as a teenager that she invited Christ into her heart as Lord of her life. From that day, she has sensed God taking care of her in miraculous ways.

Her testimony is a poignant one. KARLA was born with Moebius Syndrome and as a result, the muscles around her mouth and her eyes function in a limited manner. As an obvious target for stinging comments from other children, she had to overcome many barriers as a youth. It wasn't easy, but through the loving support of her family, as well as her consistent faith and strength in the Lord, she was able to defeat Satan's attacks and now uses her victorious story to inspire others. Today, smiling brightly from her heart, KARLA continues to stress to her audiences that handicaps are only in the eyes of the beholder.

One of KARLA's personality traits that comes to the surface most often is her sense of humor. But she realized years ago that in moments of weakness, even a good thing can turn hurtful.

"I've grown up a humorous person," says KARLA, who interjects her speaking with witty anecdotes and personal experiences. "But I've seen humor get out of hand and hurt people. In fact, I've been hurt myself. As Christians, one of the most important things we can do is encourage one another. That's definitely something I've seen as important in my life."

Through her local 4-H Club, KARLA became interested in public speaking as a teenager. Competing with speech after speech, her talents took her from the Colorado state 4-H title to the national collegiate finals, where she competed as a member of the Oral Roberts University forensics team. After graduating from ORU with a degree in Interpersonal Communications, KARLA recognized the calling on her life to share her speaking, singing and personal testimony with others and committed her talents to God.

While a tour member with the Continental Singers in 1987, KARLA toured throughout the U.S. and Eastern Europe sharing the Gospel through music every night. Since that time, God has continued to open doors for her personal ministry.

From women’s conferences and retreats to banquets and full-length concerts, God has used Karla to reach out, sharing her unique brand of love and sunshine with people from coast-to-coast.  Her debut album, “Sincerely Yours”, was released in April 2001.

Karla is founder of Refreshing Reign Ministries and lives in Centennial, Colorado with her husband/manager Greg and their two daughters, Kellie and Keri.  She enjoys Bible teaching, singing, writing and spending quality time with her family.